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Professional Background

I'm a licensed psychologist with a PhD in Counseling Psychology, a strong value around diversity consciousness, and over 15 years of experience as a therapist. This includes 13+ years in university counseling - mostly at UT-Austin - where I have worked extensively with undergraduate, graduate, professional, international, and first generation college students. My training and job settings have also afforded me significant experience working with young professionals, parents, and folks living with life-altering medical conditions.

My Therapeutic Approach and Style

My style as a therapist can broadly be described as warm and down-to-earth, demonstrating cultural humility, professionalism, and humor. Clients have said I've got a knack for putting them at ease, which I think is accomplished in part by my inability to be anything other than a weird real human in the therapy room. 

I see my role as providing a safe container (though not always a comfortable one, if we’re doing it right) in which you can debrief about life’s wins and challenges, be heard in a setting designed to be your time, strategize about how to tackle problems, and strengthen your sense of self-efficacy to cope with the turbulence (inner and outer) that comes with this being human. 

Folks holding marginalized identities can feel confident I’ll demonstrate an affirming stance, comfort discussing matters of oppression, and a sincere desire to understand the interwoven aspects of who you are. Behind the scenes, I see it as a personal and professional imperative that I engage in ongoing anti-oppression work and learning (and un-learning). This includes lifelong examination of my whiteness and other parts of my identity that afford me unearned advantage and power within our world's various systems. 

My ultimate aim is to help you tune into your inner world more deeply - to get in touch with yourself in a manner that’ll better serve you. I want to offer new perspectives and ways for you to cultivate wisdom, authenticity, and a more compassionate relationship with yourself. I strive to lovingly shed light on patterns that may have you getting in your own way. To support you in bringing into clearer focus what really matters to you, illuminating your own path toward a more enriched, value-driven life. To help you empower yourself to build a more robust coping toolbox. We’ll accomplish all this through a combination of evidence-based tools and the stable base of the specific, inimitable human connection between you and me. 

Whatever has led you to your quest for therapy, ultimately, everything you need is already within you. Let’s work together to give it some more breathing room.

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